The Creation of


Brighter Palette

The brighter, more vibrant side of my hex values represent my passions, interests, and emotions towards my life's journey. The brighter palette correlates with the highlights of my life, and the sensation I get from being happy and contempt.

Hex Values

My website colors are more than just a physical representation of me. They exemplify my internal feelings and focuses. I utilize a mix of darker contrasting backgrounds that complement brighter, more vibrant colors. These colors altogether represent my character, and how I am going to live my life. Hex values are everything.

Darker Palette

The darker side of my hex values represents my seriousness, and the competitive goals I have for my future career and endeavors. The darker palette complements the story of my journey throughout high school and the dark moments I had to overcome.


This whole idea of my website wasn't just to show off what I've done or to compare myself to anyone else, because I can't. I'm unique in my own skin. I created this website to exemplify my passion for music by creating projects that revolved around my love of music and the substantial effect music has on life itself. I also wanted to share the beats I have produced to give my listeners a piece of myself. Even the background of a vinyl player moving nonstop, represents the constant passion, love, and focus I have for music. It's almost like a soundtrack to my life. 



My branding is built from the foundations of my character. Beastla isn't just a nickname, but it's more of an identity. My last name Bisla has a long line of history to it. Bisla comes from a village in Punjab. Bisla is the last name of some of the most hardworking men and women I've ever met in my life. Bisla is in my blood. I wanted to have a mix of all the traits that makes Bisla unique and put my own styles and tastes of my characteristics to create Beastla. I view myself as a capable, passionate, unique, curious, determined, activated individual who identifies as Beastla. But, this is only the start.


Acting has helped me to express my emotions through playing fictional and real characters with different circumstances. I've always been an introvert with a love for film and tv, and I've always found great pleasure in exemplifying my love for the art by indulging myself into the mind and heart of whoever I'm playing.