Del Taco

Position: Team Member

Tenure: June 2017 - October 2017

Tasks: Cashier (front/drive-thru), Cleaning, Handling Food

Brief Overview: I applied to Del Taco because that was the first step towards reaching adulthood. I made my own money, became more humbled, and grew thick-skinned when I experienced the worst from people. I desperately tried to prove to myself that if I can take it, then I can make it. We all have to start at the bottom.



Position: Barista

Tenure: September 2019 - March 2020

Tasks: Cashier, Making Drinks, Cleaning

Brief Overview: I applied to Starbucks in hopes of garnering more indispensable skills and habits that I can apply towards my future endeavors. Having to multi-task and produce drinks at a pretty high rate, I've learned more about patience, accountability, and consistency.


A&R Worldwide

Position: A&R Consultant

Tenure: October 2018 - Present

Tasks: Finding new bands/artists/singers on different music streaming platforms, controlling social media, and fulfilling any of my bosses tasks.

Brief Overview: I received a blessing having the opportunity to work for an independent A&R company that has one of the most notable track records when it comes to artist development and discovery. My passion for music is constantly utilized in this job. I get to listen to music for hours on end from some of the most unique artists I have ever heard. Additionally, I aided in the discovery of artists like The Wallows, Emmi King, and Kim Churchill.



Position: Intern

Tenure: May 2016 - Present

Tasks: Worked front desk, signed in delegates, assisted in miscellaneous tasks.

Brief Overview: I volunteered time assisting with day-to-day activities during the week long music, media, and technology conference. In addition to working the front desk, I would help delegates/speakers navigate through the event to get them to where they needed to be.